We are Garmendi

Garmendi is optimism and passion. We are colour. This is our hallmark. Our way of letting the world know we’re here. We breathe life into every collection by creating a broad palette of colours.
We use calfskin as a raw material in our factory and employ artisan techniques to coat them with colour before applying cream and brushing as a final touch, just like we’ve always done.

Made in Spain & Olé!!

Always, clearly and convincingly Spanish. For us this is synonymous with “quality handmade shoes” made by excellent craftspeople who truly love what they do, taking infinite care over each and every one of the sandals that dress your feet in the latest fashion.

Around the World

Here at Garmendi we sell our products in more than 45 countries on all 5 continents, taking part in the international trade fair circuit and sending our designs down the world’s most famous fashion catwalks.

Mediterranean way of life

The Mediterranean vitalises our collections. Its brightness and peaceful nature impregnate each one of our designs, making us a friendly, outgoing brand that knows how much you enjoy life.

So natural / Change your world

Our leathers receive only natural treatments. Our commitment to sustainability and our respect for the environment has made us pioneering specialists in the vegetable tanning process.